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(21/01/2021) Curiosidades y falsos mitos del Aove

Casería de Huellar:
Gourmet Quality

The Extra Virgin Gourmet with the most competitive price in Jaén. Made with the most natural and innovative procedure in EVOO: cold extraction, a process that allows to preserve the most authentic flavor of the picual olive. In addition, its collection through the vareo technique attributes the ideal degree of acidity to an Extra Virgin.

The expert tasting note:
Intense green on the nose with harmonious touches of apple, almond and fig tree in less intensity, and slight itching on the palate.
Premium and Gourmet quality at cooperative price:
Foto 5 litre olive oil bottles in box
5 litre olive oil bottles in box
Units per box: 3 unidades.
Container capacity: 5 L
Price box: 54 
Bottle price: 18 Ud.
order (Boxes):  
Foto 2 litre olive oil bottles in box
2 litre olive oil bottles in box
Units per box: 6 unidades.
Container capacity: 2 L
Price box: 48 
Bottle price: 8 Ud.
order (Boxes):  
What does the press think about Casería de Huéllar?

His Picual is a delight that, according to experts, is a fruity juice with hints of apple, almond and fig tree, green color and a slight itch, and thus has reached the fans of haute cuisine in packages of 1, 2, 3 and 5 liters, at prices ranging between 4.50 and 21 euros.